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  • About Cincy Riders

    When people hear about Cincy Riders the first time, or see a sticker or shirt, they ask "Who / What is Cincy Riders?". Let's try to answer this.

    Who is Cincy Riders

    • We're all riders in the tri-state area. Whether you've ridden 3 hours or 30 years!
    • We're allies and advocates of riders in the tri-state area.
    • We're for all motorcycles. Whether 2 wheels or 3, sport bikes, mopeds, to adventure and everything between.
    • Want to ride, but don't yet? You're welcome too.
    • We're here for everyone who wants a place to interact with or has curiosities about the tri-state riding community.

    What is Cincy Riders

    • We want to be the resource for everything about tri-state riding.
    • We want to help people know what's happening, where and when.
    • We want to give everyone a place to share info about our area (from places to ride to shops you can trust & everything else). 
    • If it's connected to motorcycling in our area, we want to be part of it.

    How are we doing?

    Those are broad statements, but we want to accommodate everyone and everything. If we're coming up short or you have suggestions to do things differently, contact us here on the site or via email.

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