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  2. GPJake

    Josh (ded duck)

    Glendale Veterans Memorial
  3. GPJake

    Just Josh

    Mount Saint Mary's Seminary
  4. Garden Street Iron & Metal Inc
  5. Custom wrap on this XSR900. Pictures don't show the vibrant gold specs. Amazing looking.
    https://t.co/LT91wGNGAQ… https://t.co/bm1jVtLa58
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  7. The Wrench Report: Front sprocket changed, sprocket area cleaned out Clutch cable adjusted Throttle control adjusted Front brakes inspected & cleaned 3 bikes washed 1 bike polished/waxed Went on ride. Stopped for dinner. Went on another ride & called it a day! We missed pics of one of the bikes on the lift while working on it 😐
  8. We had a special guest mechanic all the way from Washington.
  9. Going to cancel 7/17. Forecast is rainy all damn day! Good thing about an early day getting most votes - we have time to pick another day! Feel free to add/change votes if you want! Edit: we didn't cancel!
  10. GPJake

    Paulie Pocket

    Mt Hope Baptist Church
  11. 4 days! Whoevers responsible for the rain this Saturday, don't forget to cancel it. Thanks.
  12. Well, we're a week out and the 17th has the most votes. So... Let's do it! Saturday the 17th. We'll do some work - then a group ride after if people want to/can. Depending on time, maybe our destination is somewhere to eat dinner?
  13. GPJake

    Josh (ded duck)

  14. GPJake


    McGlasson Farms
  15. Our June date was cancelled for rain, even though it only rained in some places it was expected but not others. Typical weather unpredictability. Lets get to it! WHAT: A day to perform general light maintenance on bikes with a group ride afterwards. Things like changing oil, brake pads, chain/sprockets, wash & dry, etc. The assumption is you will ride here, and ride out after we finish. A resource for those without tools or a work area, or opportunity to wrench and learn together and ride afterwards. WHERE: I'm willing to host. I have most tools needed, a motorcycle lift, universal stands, chain tool/belt gauge, etc. WHEN: To be decided (vote in the poll) Anything else I haven't addressed? Let me know...
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