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  3. Nice Suzuki Ringo. In my experience those aftermarket seats sometimes take quite a while to break in, but once they do they are way more comfortable than stock.
  4. This is not my info, but a member recently shared this in Discord, and I thought it was very interesting. Because nothing lasts in Discord, copy + pasting here. Background Bike: R1200RT I had not done any low speed maneuvers to speak of with the new bike, and the little I did was back in October. I had ridden about 600 miles this year so far, boring highway work commute stuff, nothing to teach me anything. I had hoped to get some parking lot practice in before the class, but I was working long hours for the last month and could not make it happen.
  5. I hear you about the weather. Maybe time to buy some warmer gear - it can greatly extend your season! After putting 15k miles on my current bike, I finally bought an aftermarket seat. It made a huuuuuuuge difference. But, I ride a sporty bike so, at best the stock seats are tolerable.
  6. Thanks man...I just got the seats a few weeks ago and apparently have to "break them in" so I am not so sure at the moment. I expected them to be nice and soft like the seats on an Indian. But they are not...yet...maybe. lol I started riding when I graduated high school back in 1983 and then did not really ride again till I bought this last year with the first stimulus check against my now "estranged wife" wishes. I'm sitting here now bummed that it's not warmer over the next few days. Grrrr....
  7. Beautiful ride, @Ringo41017 Love the whitewalls on the tires - looks good and not too common to see. How long have you been riding? Noticed on your mods you added aftermarket seats- did they make a big difference in comfort?
  8. Ride a Suzuki Boulevard C50T. Have been on the Discord channel and finally made it to this site. I love to ride any evenings after work when it's nice out and during the off days of Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Hit me up on Facebook Messenger if you want to ride! https://www.facebook.com/Kuhl2016/
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    Tri-State Two Wheelers Sunday, June 13 at 10:00 AM WHAT:Blessing of the Bikes + Bikers Against Hunger Poker RunWHEN: SUNDAY JUNE 13, 2021WHERE: Indian Motorcycle of NKY 6-acre parking lot(next to Rich... https://www.meetup.com/TriStateTwoWheelers/events/277444296/
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