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  2. Uh oh! No shame, right fellas? As long as there's 2 wheels, it's all good 😎!

    Full size images @… https://t.co/9RpF8yO3GT

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  4. Always nice to see a Guzzi. "Verde Camouflage" is the color on this V7 III Stone.

    Full size images @… https://t.co/pNIgQ5kmDf

  5. Adamstipsy

    Trials inc

    A great local opportunity to see world class Trials talent. Modern and vintage bikes - November 11th First section loops starts @ 11am goes until 4pm Stony Hollow Rd, Dayton, OH 45417, United States Trials Inc - Round 1, 2019 Season
  6. Adamstipsy

    Moto GP Watch Party @ Northside Yacht Club


    No race on the 11th
  7. Pumpkin Spice Ride 2018 part 2, now with less twisties. Summary: Slightly less cold ❄

    Full size images @… https://t.co/LNJJSLVkeK

  8. Pumpkin Spice Ride 2018 part 1. Good time with friends. Summary: Cold ❄

    Full size images @… https://t.co/SNG7lKoEox

  9. Part 1 of a ride with friends today. 1 word summary: Cold ❄

    Full size images @ https://t.co/LT91wGw5cg (link in p… https://t.co/YucOxW24uz

  10. Classic VFR.

    Full size images @ https://t.co/LT91wGw5cg (link in profile). Your ride? Follow & message us so we… https://t.co/oFqwEW0oAr

  11. GPJake

    Pumpkin Spice Ride


    Understand the kid commitments brother. See you next weekend.
  12. McycleRider

    Pumpkin Spice Ride


    I was looking forward to this ride, but unfortunately I have to bow out too. I've got a 4th grader wrestling in his first MS tournament Saturday morning and want to be there to make sure everything goes ok for him; I also have an 8th grader wresting in the same tournament, but he should breeze through it. While I'm doing the wrestling thing, my wife is going to be driving all over the place to cheer on our oldest son at his KY HS XC State Championship and our oldest daughter at her HS cheer tournament.
  13. GPJake

    Pumpkin Spice Ride


    Gotchu bro. Hope you feel better better either way.
  14. jteirich

    Pumpkin Spice Ride


    I'm a maybe. Wasn't sure about my schedule, but by the time my schedule cleared up (I fought to keep it clear) I got really sick. Even now the day before I'm iffy just because of health. I feel better than I did yesterday now. If I feel better again tomorrow, I'm in. Cleaning the chain and checking the tires just in case. Don't wait for me if I'm not there, I'll be early or I'm not going to make it.
  15. GPJake

    Pumpkin Spice Ride


    Noooooo! Have a good day bro!
  16. AVaive

    Pumpkin Spice Ride


    Unfortunately no longer able to attend. Had some unplanned family stuff come up that will take most of my Saturday. I hope everyone is safe and has a great ride!
  17. Big bike, big comfort. I think this is a Thunderstroke?

    Full size images @ https://t.co/LT91wGw5cg (link in profi… https://t.co/1A9egoJewh

  18. Quick BMW action.

    Full size images @ https://t.co/LT91wGNGAQ (link in profile). Your ride? Follow & message us so… https://t.co/TOAxfjBplr

  19. Sophisticated colors on this Bonneville T100. Clean chrome. Great looking bike.

    Full size images @… https://t.co/yve5tM35zT

  20. GPJake

    Pumpkin Spice Ride


    *DRAFT - NOT FINAL - SUBJECT TO CHANGE* Courtesy of @wayfarer Here's a first cut at the Pumpkin Spice ride Leg 1 I have us departing (9AM?) from a UDF in Milford. Ride out will take ~3:10. https://a.rever.co/embed/rides/1106119 I realize Milford might be a little out of the way for some but this is going to be a long ride and US50 would take us though Milford anyway, so hopefully that isn't too hard to accommodate for those starting farther south. We could move the start point farther south if people are strongly in favor. We could trim another half hour or so but we'd have to cut out the Tar hollow section and stick to state route only. That potentially cuts away some really nice riding, or possibly rough roads but what's life without a little sense of adventure. We could also stop earlier for lunch if people are strongly in favor, but I do highly recommend Millstone. Leg 2 North of Logan, cut through state forest to intersect 555, take 555 south, through Wayne Forest to Athens, stop at Donkey Coffee to warm up. Est ~2 https://a.rever.co/embed/rides/1106931 I haven't planned the return trip yet but I have a feeling we'll be pretty tired at this point and want to take a pretty direct route back. I may just plan on running maps. I was able to avoid some gravel roads with UrbanEngineer's help. There's still a little risk of bad road conditions in Tar Hollow but if we hit anything too bad we'll just turn around and head straight to Adelphi. Should be a beautiful place to ride. We could abandon Leg 2 in favor of a shorter circle through the first section of state forest if this just looks like too much.
  21. Hayabusa? Lady rider? High heel riding boots? Check, check and check. Awesome bike, awesome rider. Another great me… https://t.co/4ETAWQcz6P

  22. Adamstipsy


  23. Adamstipsy


  24. Adamstipsy

    Oregonia Devils Staircase Hill Climb

    Devil's Staircase Pro Hillclimb On October 14th the Dayton Motorcycle Club hosts the 69th Annual Devil's Staircase AMA PRO HILLCLIMB presented by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys with support from Powder Keg HD and Thunder Roads Ohio Motorcycle Magazine. “The Party on the Hill” Goes to Two Days! The Devil’s Staircase AMA Pro Hillclimbs expands into the Hillclimb Weekend!
  25. AVaive

    AVersys' Versys 650

    Bike owned by AVersys on the /r/cincinnatiriders subreddit and discord
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