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  • Iron Pig Challenge Overview

    Your fellow Cincy Riders are challenging each other to get more miles in the saddle.

    Game play takes place in, and is managed through, the Iron Pig Challenge channel of the Cincy Riders Discord: discord.cincyriders.com

    How To Start

    You can start any time. Already mid-season? No problem! Enjoy the curiosity of seeing how much you ride each month throughout the year.

    Start by posting a picture in the Iron Pig Challenge Discord channel consisting of both:

    • Your current odometer reading.
    • A visible note with the date & your Discord username.
    • Note: If you ride multiple bikes & want them counted, repeat for each bike.

    General Process

    • Each month, riders will post an updated odometer picture.
      • Verification (date / Discord username) isn't required each month.
    • Running totals will be updated throughout the season.
    • The final month pictures require verification (note including date / Discord username).
    • The winner will be crowned that years Odominator.
  •   👑2021 Winners (Discord Names)👑

    • Current year standings available in Discord.

      👑2020 Winners (Discord Names)👑

    • 🥇 MotocamperJohn - 9,051 miles
    • 🥈 Elongo06 - 8,067 miles
    • 🥉 Joe Kaufman - 7,440 miles
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