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  • What is it?

    Your fellow Cincy Riders are challenging each other to get more miles in the saddle. When can you join? NOW! It doesn't matter if there's 1 month or 11 left in the year!

    Game play takes place in, and is managed through, the Iron Pig Challenge channel of the Cincy Riders Discord: discord.cincyriders.com

    How it Works

    Join any time. Already mid-season? No problem. Some go for the win, others are just curios how much they ride each month of the year.

    Start by posting a picture in the Iron Pig Challenge Discord channel consisting of:

    • Your current odometer reading.
    • A visible note with the date & your Discord username.
    • Note: If you ride multiple bikes & want them counted, repeat for each bike.

    General Process

    • Riders post an updated odometer picture at the beginning of each month.
      • Verification note (date / Discord username) isn't required each month.
    • Running totals are updated throughout the season on the Mileage Log.
    • The final month of the year (posted beginning of January) requires verification (note including date / Discord username).
    • The winner is crowned that years Odominator.
      • Long-distance friends (ex: states away) can participate, but cannot win due to different season lengths.
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