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  • Photo Challenge Overview

    The Cincy Riders photo challenge tests our knowledge of the tri-state area and encourages us to get out and ride in areas we may not have ridden in before.

    Game play takes place in, and is managed through, the Photo Challenge channel of the Cincy Rides Discord: https://cincyriders.com/discord

    How To Play (Sample Order)

    1. Rider A posts a photo with identifiable landmarks. (For this example, lets say Fountain Square.)
    2. Others try to determine the location (by themselves) using clues the from the photo.
      • Rider B and Rider C figure out the location & start riding to Fountain Square.
    3. Rider C takes a picture of their motorcycle at Fountain Square (similar to Rider A's from step 1) and immediately posts it to the Photo Challenge Discord channel, before Rider B  has the chance to.
      • This reserves the point for Rider C, but it hasn't scored yet. Keep reading!
    4. Within 36 hours, Rider C restarts Step 1 by riding to a new location and posting a photo of their motorcycle with identifiable landmarks to Discord.
      • Rider C has now completed the flow and scored the point.
    5. Continue to step 2 above.

    Info & Clarifications

    • Play is sequential. The person who posts a photo from the active spot to the Discord channel first reserves the point.
      • Tip: once you take a photo at the active spot, post immediately! If another rider gets there an hour after you, but posts their photo before you, the point is now reserved as theirs!
    • Reserved points aren't scored until the rider posts the next location within the 36 hour grace period.
      • If 36 hours lapse with no new photo, the point is no longer reserved and the prior spot is up for grabs again.
    • The person with the most points at the end of the season/year wins.

    Rules & Specifics

    • Locations should be within a ~20 mile (crow flies, not driving) general radius of Fountain Square to keep the game moving. The goal is to give easy access to everyone as a basic 275 loop + some wiggle room. A rough map example is below.
    • Locations & photos should be identifiable. Think memorial displays, statues, buildings, signs, art/graffiti, overlooks, etc. Be creative and unique. Places on the side of the road with a random house or your favorite Waffle House don't count.
    • You have to post a picture of your bike at the location. An identifiable unique feature (like your glove on the bike) is encouraged to ensure current pictures.
    • No discussion or attempts in Discord for a couple days? Give a hint and keep the game from stalling out. Be sure to wait a day or two, and don't ruin it by giving it away.
    • Participation is open to all bike styles, so no pictures requiring trespassing, off road riding or locations with limited accessibility.
    • If you like group rides, you can reserve & claim group points. Everyone’s bike must be in the photo at both the original spot and the new spot in order to get the point. Points are added to each riders individual totals.

    Rough Map Area


  •   👑2021 Winners (Discord Names)👑

    • Current year standings available in Discord.

      👑2020 Winners (Discord Names)👑

    • 🥇 Joe Kaufman - 32 points
    • 🥈 TripleFrequency - 22 points
    • 🥉 Matter Can3 - 18 points

      👑2019 Winners (Discord Names)👑

    • 🥇 MotocamperJohn - 8 points
    • 🥈 AltrdGenetics - 7 points
    • 🥉 Wayfarer - 7 points

    👑2018 Winners (Discord Names)👑

    • 🥇 Riley Gorski - 23 points
    • 🥈 AltrdGenetics - 14 points
    • 🥉 Some Homeless Guy - 10 points
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