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March Community Garage & Group Ride: 2023 Season Prep!


March 2023 Community Garage & Group Ride - Date Voting   

5 members have voted

  1. 1. Select ALL days you would be able to make it? (only 1 will be chosen)

    • Saturday, March 4th
    • Sunday, March 5th
    • Saturday, March 11th
    • Sunday, March 12th
    • Saturday, March 18th
    • Sunday, March 19th

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How about some group wrenching & a ride to kick off the season? (Yea I know, some of us are already riding...)


WHAT: A day to perform various light maintenance on motorcycles, then a group ride afterwards. Examples of "light maintenance": changing oil, changing brake pads, chain / sprocket replacements, motorcycle wash & dry, chain clean & lube, adjust suspension, install a horn etc. You will ride to the garage, and ride out with the group as we finish.

WHY: To be a resource for tri-state riders who:

  • Don't have tools and/or a place to work on their motorcycle.
  • Do have tools and/or a place to work, but enjoy wrenching with others.
  • Just want to hang out, watch & learn from each other.

WHERE: I'm willing to host at my house. I have most tools, a motorcycle lift, universal stands, chain tool/belt gauge, etc.

WHEN: To be decided by this poll. Barring the unknown, it'll be the date with the most votes. Time of day TBD closer to the date as discussed in this topic.


Anything I haven't addressed? Let me know...



  • We're hobbyists who love motorcycles & enjoy wrenching on our own.
  • Attendees are self-taught people who learn from the web, forums, YouTube, etc. There will be no mechanics, certified professionals or similar attending.
  • The person who rides the bike to the event - and only that person - is wholly responsible for that bike and anything done in the garage. This includes any and all damage, accidental or otherwise.
  • You must ride out with the group as the day finishes. This is not for long-term projects or storage.
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  • 4 weeks later...

Since the 12th & 19th tied for votes, let's plan on doing this on the 12th.

That way, we can fall back to the 19th if weather sucks or something else happens.

@Atrain @Elongo06 @JeremyM @Windfall - whattaya think?


  • I'll have coffee, water, donuts at the garage. People can start showing up anywhere around 10am. (share thoughts on time)
  • We'll head out for the ride when everyone is here, ready & done wrenching (usually a couple / few hours).
  • Preliminary ride destination idea is somewhere we can get custom molded ear plugs. One place in the past was Elk Creek Hunt Club & Resort in Owenton, KY (1 hour / 55 miles from Fountain Square as a general idea). Share other destination ideas you have - especially those who offer custom ear plugs.


Share your preference on arrival time & ride destinations per above.

Anything we've missed?



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On 2/26/2023 at 9:41 AM, GPJake said:


I'd love to join as well! And the destination for custom earplugs is perfect! Do you have any in mind or just fishing for ideas for now?

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26 minutes ago, Benjamelon said:

I'd love to join as well! And the destination for custom earplugs is perfect! Do you have any in mind or just fishing for ideas for now?

Hell yea. 

There's 1 place that does plugs that @JeremyM has been to. I plan on calling them to confirm they still do it. Definitely open to other ideas. 


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UPDATE - @Atrain @Elongo06 @JeremyM @Windfall @Benjamelon

I called about 15 different places (moto shops / dealers, gun ranges, sporting goods retailers, race tracks, etc). The only one that offers the service of custom molded earplugs is the place mentioned above in Owenton, KY. I called Elk Creek to confirm they still offer the ear plug service. Info below:

  • Custom molded earplugs available. Standard, solid plug (ie no interchangeable filters).
  • Cost is $50 per set. Takes about 10 minutes each to make.

Our meetup / ride is set for Sunday, March 12th. There is 1 person at Elk Creek that does the plugs, and she does not work Sundays. HOWEVER, she offered to come in on Sunday 12th at a specific time to make plugs for us. I told her I would confirm & get back to her.


So - to each of you - please let me know one of the below ASAP. She is also ordering more materials to ensure she has enough.

YES - I WILL buy a set of plugs.

NO - I will NOT buy a set of plugs.


Let me know - I want to call her back & let her know ASAP.

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@JeremyM @Atrain @Windfall @Elongo06 @Benjamelon  @Remi Anne

Right now, weather outlook shows:

  • Sunday, March 12th: High of 46 degrees + scattered rain
  • Sunday, March 19th: High of 54 + partly sunny

UPDATE - Community Garage + Group Ride will now be Sunday, March 19th.

I called Elk Creek and confirmed the person who does ear plugs will be there for us on the 19th (typically her day off).

Plan for the 19th:

  • All invited to arrive any time 8:30 AM or later.
    • There'll be coffee, water, donuts.
  • Kickstands up no later than 10:30 AM. Leaving sooner could allow a more twisty, less direct route.
  • Arrive @ Elk Creek no later than Noon for custom molded ear plug service.
    • $50 per set. Takes 10-15 minutes each to make. 
    • I advised there will be 4 people buying plugs, with a potential 5th.
  • We're flexible at this point. Lunch probably a good idea :). Share suggestions?

Let me know if any questions or if I've left anything out!

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