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2024 Dragon Trip Planning


Potential Dates  

8 members have voted

  1. 1. Select each long weekend that could work for you.

    • Thursday May 30th (night) / Friday May 31st (morning) - Sunday June 2nd
    • Thursday June 6th (night) / Friday June 7th (morning) - Sunday June 9th
    • Thursday June 20th (night) / Friday June 21st (morning) - Sunday June 23rd
    • Thursday July 11th (night) / Friday July 12th (morning) - Sunday July 14th
    • Thursday July 18th (night) / Friday July 19th (morning) - Sunday July 21st
    • Thursday August 1st (night) / Friday August 2nd (morning) - Sunday August 4th
    • Thursday August 8th (night) / Friday August 9th (morning) - Sunday August 11th

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People can either ride down Thursday night, or Friday morning/night depending on work & schedules.

Departure would be at checkout on Sunday (assume 10-11 AM).

Rough assumptions:

  • Lodging: (If 6 people @ a house (VRBO, airbnb, etc) $120 per person, per night (each want a bed - can change)
  • Food: Group breakfast & dinner Friday & Saturday = $15 per person, per meal = $60. All lunch/snacks on your own & as needed while riding.
  • Miles Ridden: 300 +/- there, 150 +/- per day, 300 +/- return = 900 +/- total miles. 30 gallons of gas @ $3.50/gal = $105 in gas

Lots more to figure out as we narrow dates & attendees. Just wanted to get a starting point out there.

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Let's plan on arriving Thursday, August 8 and departing Sunday, August 11th.

@smithburger @ngphill @Grizzly @Thrombosed @JeremyM @Remi Anne @Nshaw2834 @Atrain

Some lodging options - all in or near Robbinsville. If one of these looks good, let's agree on it & I'll book it & discuss repayment.

If anyone finds better options somewhere - share them here.

Option 1 (click/tap)

  • $1,623 total / 7 people (or more) = $232 per person total lodging
  • 7 beds

Option 2 (click/tap)

  • $1,029 total / 7 people (or more) = $147 per person total lodging
  • 7 beds (including a bunk bed)

Option 3 (click/tap)

  • $979 total / 7 people (or more) = $140 per person total lodging
  • 7 beds (including bunk beds)

Option 4 (click/tap)

  • $956 total / 7 people (or more) = $137 per person total lodging
  • 7 beds
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Based on votes & location, will look at Option 1 for now. 

Option 2 had one more vote, but is nearly twice the distance from the tail. Not that we'll be at the tail every day, but as a "central point" I figure it's better to be closer to that. 


I'll start messaging people to confirm willingness to book & pay. 

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