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Back in the mix

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After a few years of not having a bike in the garage I'm back in the mix. Just picked up a humble '23 RE Hunter 350 from Throttle Company in Columbus. Great people and atmosphere. Already have a pile of parts to make it my own. 

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The bike is being delivered tomorrow. I had the dealer install Goodyear Sportmax GPR300 tires, bar end mirrors, RE "custom" seat, LED indicators. The other items will just come with the bike (tinted flyscreen, bike cover). I have ordered up the RE tail tidy kit (coming from Italy-very hard to source). In the garage I have the FuelX Lite tuner, DNA intake box cover/filter, the Enfield Precision Free Flow silencer. Also ordered up are Diablo rear shocks and Hitchcock's 10% stiffer fork springs.

Pictures to come-maybe some preliminary shots this weekend.

Thank you, Jeremy. I'm coming from a history of HD ownership. I liked the bikes, never the "lifestyle" lol. I was eyeballing the Interceptor 650 but when the Hunter was released I was all over it. Perfect bike for my use.

Here is a stock photo of the bike in Dapper Grey....the colorway I bought.



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What I find hilarious is even if I install the aftermarket cam (once it's available again) it still will only do about 85mph. With what I'm currently installing it would do 75 or so......but that is not the intended use of the bike. I'll be using the 'ol adage of "it's more fun riding a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow".  😂 Hence upping the tires and suspension.

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A list of the mods so far......

K-Speed rear shocks
Hitchcock's 10% stiffer fork springs
EBC HH sintered brake pads
Dunlop Sportmax GPR300 tires in the OE sizes
Tail Tidy (the MK unit is on the way)
Custom Enfield seat
Bar end mirrors
DNA filter/air box cover
Enfield Precision can
FuelX Lite
Enfield LED indicators
Short adjustable levers
LED headlight and marker bulbs

I think that's it for now.......I'm waiting on the Enfield rev counter kit and upgraded shift linkage to rid the bike of the 6 miles of slop in the shifter assy.

I've worked a bit on trimming weight from the bike as well......down just shy of 7 pounds......and it still won't "Do the Ton". 🤣



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On 2/5/2024 at 11:17 AM, Scooter MGee said:

I'll be using the 'ol adage of "it's more fun riding a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow".  😂 

100% true. More fun and more satisfying! 

That's a beautiful RE. Love the style & paint. Great looking ride.

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