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September Community Garage & Group Ride: Autumn Approaches!


September Community Garage & Ride Dates   

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  1. 1. What day(s) would you be able to make it?

    • Saturday, September 4th
    • Sunday, September 5th
    • Sunday, September 12th

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The July community garage was great! We did maintenance & washed a few bikes, then went on a ride, grabbed dinner, and rode some more before calling it a night.

Are you one of the many who say fall is the best time to ride? Lets get ready for it with a September garage day then kick fall off with a ride!

WHAT: A day to perform general light maintenance on bikes with a group ride afterwards. Things like changing oil, brake pads, chain/sprockets, wash & dry, etc. The assumption is you will ride here, and ride out after we finish.

A resource for those without tools or a place to work, and an opportunity to wrench and learn together with a ride afterwards for those who can.

WHERE: I'm willing to host. I have most tools needed, a motorcycle lift, universal stands, chain tool/belt gauge, etc.

WHEN: To be decided by the poll.


Anything else I haven't addressed? Let me know...

To be clear: We're hobbyists who love motorcycles & are willing to do light work on our own. We're happy to wrench together & help where we can, but you alone are responsible for your bike and any work done. None of us are mechanics or have any certifications. Like you, we get knowledge from forums, YouTube and garage days!

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@Windfall @Jaysee_223 @Paulie Pocket @Remi Anne @Josh Duck @Atrain


Hey all - I have an empty house on Sunday, so am totally open on timing.

We can start wrenching whenever. Just shoot me a note to let me know approx when you'll arrive.


We'll then figure out a good time to head out & ride. A dinner stop (even if later) usually helps with a general direction to head.


Let me know of any thoughts/ideas?

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When we left, we stopped for gas before hitting up the garage.

We ended up with 11 bikes in there! One is almost entirely hidden. If you see the orange of the KTM near the top/center, you'll see what looks like a windshield on it. That's actually the windshield of another bike behind it.7C78B27FA8E5_1631474053982.thumb.jpg.e9ec20d00888b3f27d21d2a22fe32ca1.jpg

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Despite 11 bikes in the garage, the Wrench Report was light this time around, but no problem. We still did a bit, hung out, and got some miles in by the end of the day.


The Wrench Report

  • Lubed a chain.
  • Replaced a stock horn with a Denali SoundBomb Mini
  • Removed some warning stickers & residual goo from 2 brand new bikes.
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One quick comment - we're open to wrench & ride with everyone.

Regardless of experience, gender, whatever - you're welcome to come hang out.

Don't want to ride afterwards? No problem there either.

Thanks to all who joined! Until next time!

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