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  1. GPJake

    Moto GP Watch Party @ Northside Yacht Club


    Thanks @CincyMoto - got this updated to restart on 3/10/19. Appreciate the heads up!
  2. Really sleek, clean lines on this one. Like the color combo. Eye grabbing, but not flashy. Some hardware accents th… https://t.co/7N4onhkZop

  3. Hope all of the Cincy Riders family and friends have a great one. Take a minute, slow down, and enjoy what matters… https://t.co/RHC3MNphp7

  4. 1️⃣&2️⃣ robfoggy Showing where valve clearance is checked.
    3️⃣ @KioskGuy explaining the process involved in restori… https://t.co/ospKrRJYgv

  5. The moment we've all been waiting for... Count down the engine removal as practice for New Years Eve! 5... 4...

    Mo… https://t.co/lXK8bLM8X1

  6. The drop before removing the engine. When @pistonsociety says "hands-on", they mean it!

    More sets to come from the… https://t.co/Quzp5NtvqN

  7. 1️⃣ Final shot right before the engine was removed.
    2️⃣ @KioskGuy dropping knowledge on gaskets.
    3️⃣ robfoggy exp… https://t.co/22Y7NNVFCU

  8. 1️⃣ Prepping to drain the oil. 2️⃣ @KioskGuy explaining the fuel valve. 3️⃣&4️⃣ robfoggy helping attendees drain th… https://t.co/pOYqswSijO

  9. After some more part removals, robfoggy shows the exhaust while @KioskGuy gives an excellent tip on used bike buyin… https://t.co/I4xngvul1p

  10. At @pistonsociety's Wrench and Learn, the night started with some kicks for pressure testing, then explanations of… https://t.co/5rpTAy4tHG

  11. Piston Society 214 E Liberty St, Cincinnati, OH 45202 (513) 277-0300 https://goo.gl/maps/zY1u8XTjs2T2
  12. What an awesome look to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the V7. This is the 2017 V7 III Anniversario seen at… https://t.co/MsJWjiGEIk

  13. The exhaust note coming out of this CBX is one of the most beautiful moto sounds I've ever heard. And clean and bea… https://t.co/jsVscLyOFC

  14. Was 38 degrees out when I snapped this last week at an elementary school. Moto dads represent.

    Full size images @… https://t.co/KYgKZRXggB

  15. Uh oh! No shame, right fellas? As long as there's 2 wheels, it's all good 😎!

    Full size images @… https://t.co/9RpF8yO3GT