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  1. Good day for responsible, socially distanced riding. Cool plastics on this GSXR in Northern KY.
    … https://t.co/b4EgUBYbeE

  2. GPJake


    GPJake, AVaive
  3. Stands up @ 12:30 Route TBD Meeting location updated.
  4. Bike built by Sick Fish Cycles out of #Burlington KY.

    Smooth colors. Nice big wheel. Very sleek.
    ⠀… https://t.co/mW3bbIoajJ

  5. The scenic route along the Ohio river to Madison has some great views of the river, make sure to stop at Belterra Casino and have a bite to eat and try your luck on some table games. Lots of room in the parking garage to escape some rain if needed. Once you get to Madison stroll the downtown streets with unique shops and a lot of antique stores. The trip back from Madison to Aurora, take Rt 62, beautiful landscape and some great Amish farms along the way. It is one of the best scenic routes I have been on. On your trip back stop by Friendship and see the famous muzzle loading shot. Road was good with plenty of turns as it follows the Ohio River for much of its path. And, there really wasn't much traffic to deal with.
  6. The route splits nicely between flat cornfield lined roads to curves and hills on tree lined roads as you near the Eastern Indiana state line. The speed limit is 55 with a few small towns fairly evenly spaced along the route like New Palestine, Rushville, Brookeville and more, but not enough to slow you down too much. You pass by historic towns and sites like the White River Canal locks which were used to raise and lower boat traffic to different levels of the canal in order to traverse the changing terrain. You can also stop and go canoeing in the White River area. I've seen gas stations with horses tied to hitching rails out front on occasion. The road itself is in pretty decent shape with only a few spots needing repaving, so you can stretch out and ride. Caution should be exercised in the curvy areas as you get closer to the Ohio state line because other traffic can surprise you on occasion, but you can still enjoy the curves if you're not reckless about it.
  7. Cold = time to share Cavalcade of Customs shots.⠀

    05 #harleydavidson Fat Boy from Hebron. Stars on tank were invi… https://t.co/GighhE2Lx8

  8. Hey folks. Current bike is a matte black 2014 CBR650F. I'll list the minor mods I've done below.Physical Mods: Yoshimura Fender Eliminator OEM Passenger Seat Cowl (Matte Black) TechSpec Tank Grip and TechSpec Tank Pads (Snake Skin line) Painted factory exhaust cover Strada 7 CNC Long Carbon Fiber Levers (Grey) Electrical Mods: LED Flushmount Front Signals (Smoked) + 3-2 harness converters. Sylvannia LED Resistor Kit from local AutoZone (US store) MotoDynamic Sequential LED Taillight (Smoked) KapscoMoto LED Kit + 2 additional LED Strips (for a total of 9 strips) Healtech GIPro DS-series gear indicator (purchased from Blue Monkey Motorsports) Off-Bike Mods: Venom Front and Rear Lifts Here's my entry in the site garage: https://cincyriders.com/collections/item/2-blanche/ Pictures here in my album: Wish List: Denali Sounbomb (Seems the standard. Any other recommendations?) Telferizer Stem Mount
  9. CBR? No, EBR!
    Air intakes for brake cooling on this EBR 1190RX. Owner said it's a 2014.
    185 HP w/ 102 lb-ft @ 8000… https://t.co/544zq598OP

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    Full size version of social media shots.
  11. Glad you're with us, drmango. Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions. Thanks for making Cincy Riders better!

  12. Color theme intact throughout, including white chain, and black/white KY plate.

    Full size images @… https://t.co/nvl4n3wojH

  13. Glad you're with us, BullyHunter77. Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions. Thanks for making Cincy Riders better!

  14. #bikerproblems, am I right?

    Tag the friends livin' that broke but beautiful life with you.

    Full size images @… https://t.co/AJ778NK47m

  15. How 'bout some moto 💀 for your 4th? Like the different frame color! Seen @ Drees Pavilion in Devou Park.

    Full siz… https://t.co/Xdhp0TbbsR

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