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  1. 1937 Indian Sport Four. 8yr resto by Rocky Corsmeier/Cincy. 1 of 500. 1300 CC, 3 spd, 515 lbs. Mohawk Green/Seminol… https://t.co/FYMnSMTG3l

  2. Built by @ironhogz in Ohio. @Easyriders1 2017 Bike of the Year. Owner toured with them that year.

    Full images @… https://t.co/U1Xa9WkBIv

  3. The fifth year for this FREE show. Wow, how time flies. Its an eclectic mix of custom builds, classic restomods, race bikes, rare bikes, oddball bikes and bikes that leave you scratching your noggin. There are vendors, food, beer (duh) and its all produced by the volunteers at the Cincinnati Cafe Racer club and affiliated local motorcycle nuts. You are guaranteed a good time or your money back!So why wouldn’t you go? It’s winter and cold… the show is inside. There is food and beer and motorcycles… and like minded two wheel enthusiasts. So come socialize in the winter over some of the best motorcycles from around the country.
  4. until

    Thanks @CincyMoto - got this updated to restart on 3/10/19. Appreciate the heads up!
  5. Really sleek, clean lines on this one. Like the color combo. Eye grabbing, but not flashy. Some hardware accents th… https://t.co/7N4onhkZop

  6. Hope all of the Cincy Riders family and friends have a great one. Take a minute, slow down, and enjoy what matters… https://t.co/RHC3MNphp7

  7. 1️⃣&2️⃣ robfoggy Showing where valve clearance is checked.
    3️⃣ @KioskGuy explaining the process involved in restori… https://t.co/ospKrRJYgv

  8. The moment we've all been waiting for... Count down the engine removal as practice for New Years Eve! 5... 4...

    Mo… https://t.co/lXK8bLM8X1

  9. The drop before removing the engine. When @pistonsociety says "hands-on", they mean it!

    More sets to come from the… https://t.co/Quzp5NtvqN

  10. 1️⃣ Final shot right before the engine was removed.
    2️⃣ @KioskGuy dropping knowledge on gaskets.
    3️⃣ robfoggy exp… https://t.co/22Y7NNVFCU

  11. 1️⃣ Prepping to drain the oil. 2️⃣ @KioskGuy explaining the fuel valve. 3️⃣&4️⃣ robfoggy helping attendees drain th… https://t.co/pOYqswSijO

  12. After some more part removals, robfoggy shows the exhaust while @KioskGuy gives an excellent tip on used bike buyin… https://t.co/I4xngvul1p

  13. At @pistonsociety's Wrench and Learn, the night started with some kicks for pressure testing, then explanations of… https://t.co/5rpTAy4tHG

  14. Piston Society 214 E Liberty St, Cincinnati, OH 45202 (513) 277-0300 https://goo.gl/maps/zY1u8XTjs2T2
  15. What an awesome look to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the V7. This is the 2017 V7 III Anniversario seen at… https://t.co/MsJWjiGEIk

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