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  1. Another year of great riding in the books! For those who don't know - Cincy Riders hosts 2 challenges each year that are simple, easy ways to encourage riding and finding new places in the area. Info is available here: Iron Pig Challenge Photo Challenge Just like last year, this year's winners get their choice of a prize! Winners - get in touch with @GPJake here on the site or on Discord for a free coupon. Visit the Contest Prizes section (link below) of the store & pick your favorite. Place the order with the coupon and wear your Cincy Riders "trophy"! 👉 2021 Challenge Prizes
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  5. Life give you a lemon? Add a lemon holster and take that mf'er riding. Awesome mod by one of our local riders.
    ➖⠀… https://t.co/8C4k2J8mC8
  6. I didn't get an "Audio Aura". That's super cool. Nice - never heard of any these artists - perfect. Gang Gang: pretty chill overall. Dumbstruck: "what planet are you from" - i get that a lot.... but not in this context 😐 Big Boss Rabbit: "pull up to your funeral, shoot up your fuckin' coffin". Brutal. Like his flow. Headshots: Not bad, but not my favorite. Gang Signs: Definitely like Freddie more than ScHoolboy on this one. Very outside of my norm - cool to listen to. Good share.
  7. awesome. love punk. always great shows. wasn't familiar with any of your top tracks though. Cool Kids: story of my life. Cobra Skullifornia: got an old school vibe on this one. like the singer - Fred Schneider vibes. Snickers or Reese's: my favorite yet. great video. great energy. great intro! love the vocals. Nightmare: great video. fun song. The Slowest Drink: first - hilarious album name. liked the guitars on this. great share!
  8. nice - thanks for sharing. i don't think i know any of your top 5's - exactly why i love sharing these. i listened to your top 5 tracks. A Portrait Of - great lyrics. Be Nice To Me - like the singers vocal style. pretty cool. Southern Comforting - couldnt really get into this one. FEiN - good lyrics again. i really dig "talking" songs (actually have a spotify playlist of "talkers") What You're Made Of - my favorite overall on your list. the most engaging overall for me. appreciate the shares. music is huge for me - so the "top" lists of others really fascinate me.
  9. I think the annual "Wrapped" is an awesome feature of Spotify. Share some of your "top" lists so we can check 'em out. Here's mine:
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  12. Timely topic. I've used nonoise motorsport plugs for a few years now & really like them. Easy to put in/take out, no hard bits that catch the helmet, comfortable, cleanable, small storage case. https://www.nonoise-earplugs.com/nonoise-motorsport-en.html (Revzilla sells them) NRR is 29.6 db 3 days ago I ride 1.5 hours on the highway. Forgot my nonoise plugs so grabbed some cheap foamies from Walgreens: https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/walgreens-foam-earplugs/ID=prod6384523-product?ext=gooPersonal+Care+-+SSCPersonal+Care___online&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=CjwKCAjw2bmLBhBREiwAZ6ugo_1CWQKOff2MEac0KYhvJMUshRpzFox4OfGBmyGFikUEOaDIHZ3mghoCoEEQAvD_BwE NRR is 32. They did not perform well. Or maybe they performed too well? They blocked too much. It felt like I had my head under water the whole way home. I'm not sure if its because the foams have a higher (too high?) NRR? Or is the nonoise marketing true? ("specially tuned for motorsports. These ear plugs effectively filter out dangerous levels of wind noise and road noise. Telephone, navigation, music and intercom remain clearly audible, without a ‘blocked ears’ (occlusion) effect.") I don't know. But I know the foams made me love my nonoise even more.
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