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  1. Timely topic. I've used nonoise motorsport plugs for a few years now & really like them. Easy to put in/take out, no hard bits that catch the helmet, comfortable, cleanable, small storage case. https://www.nonoise-earplugs.com/nonoise-motorsport-en.html (Revzilla sells them) NRR is 29.6 db 3 days ago I ride 1.5 hours on the highway. Forgot my nonoise plugs so grabbed some cheap foamies from Walgreens: https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/walgreens-foam-earplugs/ID=prod6384523-product?ext=gooPersonal+Care+-+SSCPersonal+Care___online&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=CjwKCAjw2bmLBhBREiwAZ6ugo_1CWQKOff2MEac0KYhvJMUshRpzFox4OfGBmyGFikUEOaDIHZ3mghoCoEEQAvD_BwE NRR is 32. They did not perform well. Or maybe they performed too well? They blocked too much. It felt like I had my head under water the whole way home. I'm not sure if its because the foams have a higher (too high?) NRR? Or is the nonoise marketing true? ("specially tuned for motorsports. These ear plugs effectively filter out dangerous levels of wind noise and road noise. Telephone, navigation, music and intercom remain clearly audible, without a ‘blocked ears’ (occlusion) effect.") I don't know. But I know the foams made me love my nonoise even more.
  2. GPJake

    Josh (ded duck)

    London Police Mural
  3. GPJake

    Paulie Pocket

    Traders World Flea Market
  4. GPJake

    Josh (ded duck)

    The Hangar of West Chester
  5. GPJake


    EnterTRAINment Junction
  6. GPJake

    Josh (ded duck)

    BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir
  7. GPJake

    Paulie Pocket

    Summit Park Observation Tower
  8. GPJake

    Josh (ded duck)

    JackRabbit Glendale
  9. What a great bike/helmet combo. So cool.
    There were actually two Z900RS' at Comet.
    https://t.co/LT91wGNGAQ for… https://t.co/DoLrqnZO9O
  10. GPJake

    Paulie Pocket

    Floral Park
  11. GPJake

    Josh (ded duck)

    The Comet
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    Just Josh, Paulie Pocket

    Crown Hill Memorial Park & Mausoleum
  13. One quick comment - we're open to wrench & ride with everyone. Regardless of experience, gender, whatever - you're welcome to come hang out. Don't want to ride afterwards? No problem there either. Thanks to all who joined! Until next time!
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