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  1. Short ride from Big Bone to the Rabbit Hash General Store
  2. Short ride from Big Bone to Rabbit Hash
  3. Hey folks. Current bike is a matte black 2014 CBR650F. I'll list the minor mods I've done below.Physical Mods: Yoshimura Fender Eliminator OEM Passenger Seat Cowl (Matte Black) TechSpec Tank Grip and TechSpec Tank Pads (Snake Skin line) Painted factory exhaust cover Strada 7 CNC Long Carbon Fiber Levers (Grey) Electrical Mods: LED Flushmount Front Signals (Smoked) + 3-2 harness converters. Sylvannia LED Resistor Kit from local AutoZone (US store) MotoDynamic Sequential LED Taillight (Smoked) KapscoMoto LED Kit + 2 additional LED Strips (for a total of 9 strips) Healtech GIPro DS-series gear indicator (purchased from Blue Monkey Motorsports) Off-Bike Mods: Venom Front and Rear Lifts Here's my entry in the site garage: https://cincyriders.com/collections/item/2-blanche/ Pictures here in my album: Wish List: Denali Sounbomb (Seems the standard. Any other recommendations?) Telferizer Stem Mount
  4. CBR? No, EBR!
    Air intakes for brake cooling on this EBR 1190RX. Owner said it's a 2014.
    185 HP w/ 102 lb-ft @ 8000… https://t.co/544zq598OP

  5. GPJake

    Social Media Full Size

    Full size version of social media shots.
  6. Glad you're with us, drmango. Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions. Thanks for making Cincy Riders better!

  7. Color theme intact throughout, including white chain, and black/white KY plate.

    Full size images @… https://t.co/nvl4n3wojH

  8. Glad you're with us, BullyHunter77. Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions. Thanks for making Cincy Riders better!

  9. #bikerproblems, am I right?

    Tag the friends livin' that broke but beautiful life with you.

    Full size images @… https://t.co/AJ778NK47m

  10. How 'bout some moto 💀 for your 4th? Like the different frame color! Seen @ Drees Pavilion in Devou Park.

    Full siz… https://t.co/Xdhp0TbbsR

  11. Dunlap Cafe Bike Night https://t.co/JuDXdem1Tm #cincyriders #cincybikers #cincymoto #cincinnatiriders #cincinnatimotorcycles

  12. Comet Bike Night https://t.co/jnCHIynE4h #cincyriders #cincybikers #cincymoto #cincinnatiriders #cincinnatimotorcycles

  13. 1980 Harley Davidson FXEF Shovelhead Chopper built by Brandon Miller of Shepherdsville, KY.

    Full size images @… https://t.co/E3XiOLbhsg

  14. A Goldwing isn't your typical base for a streetfighter!

    2014 Honda Goldwing Valkyrie (F6C)

    At 700lbs, this was bu… https://t.co/s2ZeHVU4H6

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