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  1. Found the schematic I made to help account for & buy all necessary power + ground wires.
  2. Epicenter Remote The Epicenter comes with a wired, dual-knob remote. The outer knob controls the restoration level, the center knob controls the output level (volume). It's not huge, but is a bit bulky. I wanted to integrate it with a factory / stock look instead of just mounting it with the metal case it comes in. Remote Out of the Box Dash - Before Remote Install Dash - After Remote Install Remote Install Closeup
  3. Bass Restoration Processor Late post, but about a month after the above install, I installed an Epicenter Micro Bass Restoration Processor. The Epicenter accepts the subwoofer audio output from the head unit, restores bass not in the recording, then sends that improved audio out of the Epicenter into the subwoofer amp. I didn't have the patience to re-mount the amps & wiring, so I stuck the Epicenter on top. It fit fine, overall ventilation is still ok. Epicenters work amazing with music that is light/absent on bass in the recording itself. Think of old rock or metal that sounds "tinny" compared to more modern music. The Epicenter solves that. (Yes, it can make already bass heavy music more bass heavy - but that's not the point.) They really transform the sound of old rock / metal / punk / hardcore that I listen to.
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  13. A good video about a popular myth / common debate.
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