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  1. People can either ride down Thursday night, or Friday morning/night depending on work & schedules. Departure would be at checkout on Sunday (assume 10-11 AM). Rough assumptions: Lodging: (If 6 people @ a house (VRBO, airbnb, etc) $120 per person, per night (each want a bed - can change) Food: Group breakfast & dinner Friday & Saturday = $15 per person, per meal = $60. All lunch/snacks on your own & as needed while riding. Miles Ridden: 300 +/- there, 150 +/- per day, 300 +/- return = 900 +/- total miles. 30 gallons of gas @ $3.50/gal = $105 in gas Lots more to figure out as we narrow dates & attendees. Just wanted to get a starting point out there.
  2. Just realized i never posted pictures from this one! We had coffee! We had donuts! We had several riders! We did get custom earplugs made @ Elk Creek Hunt Club. Then we stopped for lunch @ The Smoking Pig Tavern in Falmouth!
  3. GPJake

    ngphill - Nick

    Walter C Doll Insurance Agency Inc
  4. GPJake


    St. Cecilia Catholic Church
  5. GPJake

    ngphill - Nick

    St Margaret of Cortona Church
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    Hyde Park Medical Arts
  7. GPJake

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    Laurel Cemetery
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    Crosley Tower
  9. GPJake

    Paulie Pocket

    Lawrenceburg Power Substation
  10. GPJake

    Forest Fair Mall

    About: The Forest Fair Mall typically has mostly empty parking lots. Note: Users report some areas of the parking lot in bad condition / full of gravel. Address: 600 Cincinnati Mills Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45240
  11. GPJake

    EastGate Mall

    About: The EastGate Mall typically has mostly empty parking lots. Note: Parking lines are diagonal, so may not be ideal if using the lines to gauge low-speed maneuvers. Address: 4601 Eastgate Blvd, Cincinnati, OH 45245
  12. About: There are several large lots on the Xavier University campus. Note: Members report that some lots can have intermittent cars passing through even at slow times - so stay aware! Address: 1658 Herald Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45212
  13. About: The Fifth Third Madisonville Office Building has a large lot. Note: After business hours is the best bet for clear lots. Address: 5001 Kingsley Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45227
  14. About: The back parking lot at Scarlett Oaks Cincinnati North. Note: This lot is used for MSF classes, so already has lines painted that may be useful for practice. Address: 500 Scarlet Oaks Dr, Sharonville, OH 4524
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