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  • Street Riding Suspension Setup Guide

    This is a guide riders can use to setup suspension as well as practically possible short of going to an expert / track guru / etc. Sag setup uses the Race Tech method (so needs someone to help the rider). This guide works for any motorcycle ridden on the street.

    This isn't an exhaustive list. There's too much (good) info to cram here. Read more, watch videos, etc.

    This guide will result in a more comfort, better performance and a safer setup. If someone setup your suspension without you sitting on the bike while they did it, you'll see improvements following this guide.

    The sheet below is a (real-time, truncated) preview. Click the link to access Google Sheets. Formulas are shown so you can print if you want.

    To save a copy with working calculations (requires Google account):

    1. Visit THIS LINK
    2. Click File > Make a Copy
    3. Your new copy WILL NOT update as the guide is refined, so check back here for updates.


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