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Audio Upgrades for the Truck


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Sharing pictures / progress on upgrading the audio components in my truck (2008 F150 Supercrew)


Back Door - Stock Lining



Back Door - Lining Removed + Metal Cleaned + Sound Treatment on External Panel



Back Door - Sound Treatment on Internal Panel + New Speaker (Coaxial Config / Tweeter + Mid Bass Together)



Back Door - Sound Ring Added


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Front Door - Stock Liner




Front Door - Liner Removed + Metal Cleaned + Sound Treatment on External Panel



Front Door - Sound Treatment on Internal Panel



Front Door - Panel Re-installed + Speakers Mounted (Component Config / Tweeter + Mid Bass Separated)


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Had some time to work on this last night. Stripped the interior out - seats, console, carpet - and applied sound treatment to the floor. 

Forgot to grab a picture until I already put the carpet + console back in, but I did peel the carpet back for at least some glimpse of it. 

Seats Removed (Carpet / Console Still In) 



Driver's Side - Front Area Floor

You can also see the 0 AWG power wire + 9 conductor speed wire + backup camera wires in this shot. Not pictured (but installed down the passenger side) are the 3 runs (6 cables) for the RCAs. 



Driver's Side - Rear Area Floor


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21 minutes ago, Windfall said:

Very cool to see you’re taking your time with it and not just slapping some subs and an amp in there thinking it’ll be good enough. 

So. Much. Time. 

Will be worth it though. I only have 1 car, so whenever I have a couple hours of free time I do what I can, then reassemble everything before I'm finished so I can drive, rinse & repeat. 

This is the 3rd time I've had all the seats out of it for example. 

Progress is slow... But it's progress 👌 

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I have everything in finally. Didn't get pics of everything, but have most of it.


Big 4 Fuse + Amp Power Fuse

Left the fuse covers off for the photo. Silicone heat shrink + ferrules on every connection.



Amp Rack - Pre Install

Power & ground distro blocks go from 0 AWG to 4 AWG. 0 AWG laid on top to show difference between them.  Went with white PVC due to being hidden behind seats. Silicone heat shrink + ferrules on every connection.


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Amp Rack Mounted - Ready for Oscilloscope Tuning

Power + Ground + RCAs + Remote wires all connected, speaker / sub wires disconnected for tuning with oscilloscope. Silicone heat shrink + ferrules on every connection.



Amp Rack Mounted - Fully Wired After Oscilloscope Tune

Mostly hidden, but you can see the 0 AWG ground going to the seat bolt. This was drill wire brushed for best possible connectivity.


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Subs - Pre Box Mount

I could've sworn I got a pic of them in the box, but, guess not? 🤷‍♂️



Head Unit

Everything finished here, including new back-up camera & newest available SiriusXM antenna. 10.1" screen. Notice physical volume knob - you'd be surprised how rare these are on aftermarket units.


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Bass Restoration Processor

Late post, but about a month after the above install, I installed an Epicenter Micro Bass Restoration Processor. The Epicenter accepts the subwoofer audio output from the head unit, restores bass not in the recording, then sends that improved audio out of the Epicenter into the subwoofer amp.

I didn't have the patience to re-mount the amps & wiring, so I stuck the Epicenter on top. It fit fine, overall ventilation is still ok.



Epicenters work amazing with music that is light/absent on bass in the recording itself. Think of old rock or metal that sounds "tinny" compared to more modern music. The Epicenter solves that. (Yes, it can make already bass heavy music more bass heavy - but that's not the point.)

They really transform the sound of old rock / metal / punk / hardcore that I listen to.

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Epicenter Remote

The Epicenter comes with a wired, dual-knob remote. The outer knob controls the restoration level, the center knob controls the output level (volume). It's not huge, but is a bit bulky. I wanted to integrate it with a factory / stock look instead of just mounting it with the metal case it comes in.


Remote Out of the Box



Dash - Before Remote Install



Dash - After Remote Install



Remote Install Closeup


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