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Group Riding Etiquette & Hand Signal Guides

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Below are quick tips for making group rides go smooth.

Most importantly: Ride at your own pace. Ask beforehand about the route & pace, and be sure you can comfortably keep up. Struggling to keep pace has bad results.

  1. Be ready! Gas up,gear up & hit the restroom before the ride starts.
  2. Know who is leading, and who is trailing. Try to stick to the same order between stops.
  3. Stagger lane position (left & right).
  4. Pass vehicles 1 rider at a time.
  5. DON'T tailgate, and DON'T drop so far back you lose the pack.
  6. Take stop signs as a group: individual bikes typically don't need to completely stop.
  7. Watch our for fellow riders. If someone is struggling, let the lead rider know as soon as safely possible.

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