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Spotify 2021 Wrapped - Share Yours


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52 minutes ago, SquirtTheTurtle said:


nice - thanks for sharing.

i don't think i know any of your top 5's - exactly why i love sharing these. i listened to your top 5 tracks.

  • A Portrait Of - great lyrics.
  • Be Nice To Me - like the singers vocal style. pretty cool.
  • Southern Comforting - couldnt really get into this one.
  • FEiN - good lyrics again. i really dig "talking" songs (actually have a spotify playlist of "talkers")
  • What You're Made Of - my favorite overall on your list. the most engaging overall for me.

appreciate the shares. music is huge for me - so the "top" lists of others really fascinate me.

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16 minutes ago, Atrain said:

I put these in discord but I’ll post em up here too




awesome. love punk. always great shows.

wasn't familiar with any of your top tracks though. 

  • Cool Kids: story of my life.
  • Cobra Skullifornia: got an old school vibe on this one. like the singer - Fred Schneider vibes.
  • Snickers or Reese's: my favorite yet. great video. great energy. great intro! love the vocals.
  • Nightmare: great video. fun song.
  • The Slowest Drink: first - hilarious album name. liked the guitars on this.


great share!

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On 12/6/2021 at 10:26 PM, Just Josh said:

My results…

The #2 song is because of my 6 year old, don’t judge.








I didn't get an "Audio Aura". That's super cool.

Nice - never heard of any these artists - perfect.

  • Gang Gang: pretty chill overall.
  • Dumbstruck: "what planet are you from" - i get that a lot.... but not in this context 😐
  • Big Boss Rabbit: "pull up to your funeral, shoot up your fuckin' coffin". Brutal. Like his flow.
  • Headshots: Not bad, but not my favorite.
  • Gang Signs: Definitely like Freddie more than ScHoolboy on this one.

Very outside of my norm - cool to listen to. Good share.

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