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  1. Seemed like a great dealer. They allow test rides, at least when we went to look at the Rocket. Good test route and great sales and knowledge. Talk to Cy.
  2. Bike superstore the size of a Kmart. Almost every brand available for sales, but they have higher overhead, so I'd expect higher fees. If you're looking for gear though, they have a lot of stuff in there. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area.
  3. Not good for sales or service. I'd avoid them.
  4. Good ma and pa store for sales. They went out of their way to find me the perfect bike. The sales experience was very good and Kirk is very knowledgeable. Might find a good deal there. They remember me and greet me each visit and ask about the bike. Very friendly people.
  5. Clinton County Motorsports has been a great resource to me for service. They may be slightly high on price, but they do great work and are knowledgeable. Talk to Eric in Service, he's very good. I am going today to have a valve cover gasket replaced on my extended warranty. Yay for that.
  6. I prefer not to, but meh. There are way better places to eat.
  7. I'd love to go, but Saturdays are too hard and I suspect Sunday the 10th I'll be busy being my B day and all.
  8. until

    Speaking of which...If you see Drakes Biker Images, they are kind of a rip off. They send you a print, yes - But the digital is watermarked and low quality. Just sayin'
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